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Video: UFC superstar Jon Jones calls cop a 'f*cking liar, pig, despicable'

The officer replied he felt the same way about the sports star

By PoliceOne Staff

NEW MEXICO — UFC star Jon Jones called a New Mexico officer a “f-cking liar”, “pig” and “despicable” during a rant after a traffic stop last week, TMZ reported.

The incident occurred when Jones was pulled over March 24 on suspicion of drag racing in his white Corvette.

Jones, who was on probation from a hit-and-run conviction, was not happy with the officer and called him a number of expletives and derogatory terms.

He also told the officer, “You’re despicable.”

The officer replied, “I feel the same way about you, sir.”

Jones threatened to call his lawyer and claimed the cop didn’t have the right to give him a ticket.

The news site transcribed part of the conversation:

Jones: “F**kin’ liar. I can’t believe you.”
Cop: “Well believe it, because I’m not joking.”
Jones: "For no reason. F**king with me for no reason. What’s your name?"
Cop: “Officer Brown. It’s on your ticket, sir.”
Jones: “Can’t f**king believe you. You’re ridiculous.”
Cop: “Just doing my job.”
Jones: “No, you’re not just doing your job. You’re f**kin’ picking this Corvette out for no reason. Blaming me for all this sh*t that you know isn’t true. You’re ridiculous … I used to really respect … f**kers like you.”
Cop: “You’d rather I just turn my head and let you be a nuisance to the citizens?”
Jones: “I am not a nuisance to the citizens.”
Cop: “I have sworn to protect the citizens from people like you, Mr. Jones. Please don’t dig around in your car.”
Jones: “I was looking for a pen. Give me the f**king sh*t. Can’t believe you. Ridiculous.”
Cop: “Well believe it. Because it’s the truth, sir.”
Jones: “Ridiculous. You’re a f**king liar. Good luck trying to prove that I was speeding because you know that I wasn’t.”

Jones later issued a statement saying he was not drag racing nor speeding. 

“I regrettably said words to the police officer out of frustration, for which I apologize for, but I do feel this was excessive,” Jones said in a statement to TMZ.  

In May 2012, Jones plead guilty to a misdemeanor DWI, ABC News reported.

The UFC released a statement today and said they were looking into the matter.

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