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After job frustrations, union files to represent Mounties

Some Mounties have removed their yellow stripe from their pants in protest of low wages, staffing levels and working conditions

By PoliceOne Staff

OTTAWA, Ontario — After weeks of frustration about low wages and working conditions, the Mounties are close to forming their first union. 

According to CBC News,The National Police Federation filed an application for certification to represent the 17,945 members of the RCMP. 

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Photo/Facebook)
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (Photo/Facebook)

Over the last two weeks, various Mounties have removed their yellow pant stripe in protest of their working conditions and lack of staffing. 

"Human resource levels are continually at sub-par standards putting our members' safety, their families' as well as the public at risk. And what is growing more and more apparent is the government's intention to treat us as public servants and not a police force," NPF co-chair Brian Suave told the publication.

Sgt. Scott Fefchak said it’s not uncommon for members to have 300 or 400 hours on call per month.

"It's cumulative stress that comes from always being on and not having the work-life balance that we're being told we have to try and achieve, but under the circumstances it's really difficult to achieve due to the lack of manpower,” he told CBC.

The RCMP is the only non-unionized police force in Canada. The Canadian Supreme Court allowed the government a year to propose legislation for a RCMP union. If the application is approved, the labor board will hold a secret ballot vote for the Mounties, the publication reported. 

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