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Chief's Chair: What would you do if you were chief?

Tell us your big ideas and we may publish them on the site

Editor's note: We received your submissions, and after giving them all a good read, we have posted our top five selections here.

The 118th Annual International Association of the Chiefs of Police Conference and Exposition opens in Chicago in a few short weeks, bringing together police leaders from around the globe to share information and experience.

While your chief is away, let's consider a world in which you sit in the chief's chair: What you would do if you were chief of police?

Tell us in a short article of 500 words or less and we will publish a few submissions in conjunction with our coverage of IACP, which takes place October 22-26, 2011.

You can address some or all of the following:

What would be the single biggest change you'd make?

What would you do exactly the same?

If you were able to increase your budget by 50 percent, what would you spend it on? 

You can specify that you want your article posted anonymously (in case your chief is the type to get ticked off when the troops have better ideas than he/she does), but we absolutely will have to verify your LE status, so please either provide us with your P1 username (if you're a member), or your agency name and star number (if you're not).

To be considered for publication, entries must be received via e-mail before October 16, 2011. The authors of the selections we feature will receive a PoliceOne prize package.

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