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Editor’s Note:

Editor's note: In anticipation of police chiefs worldwide making the trip to Chicago for IACP, PoliceOne asked you to sit in the chief's chair and tell us what you would do if you were chief of police. We read every submission and selected some standouts from among those we received.

By Fidel Balan, Freeport, NY Police Dept., Detective (Retired)

If I were chief, I would first meet either in person or video conference with all members of the service and make clear to them what the mission of the department is. I would further explain that hard work will be rewarded and that honest mistakes made while being aggressive in fighting crime would be treated in a fair and positive way.

Once the members of the service fully understood their mission, I would ask them what their most important needs are in the field. I would ask them for suggestions to better the department, giving them a sense of being part of the decision-making process. I would take the best suggestions and have them carried out by the command staff.

This cooperation by command staff and the rank and file would provide an atmosphere that would allow most officers to know the mission of the department and how they will play a part in carrying out that mission.

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