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Dallas police chief prohibits use of MDCs in non-emergencies

He states that only in life-threatening situations should police be typing while driving

By Scott Friedman

DALLAS — Dallas Police Chief David Brown gave his first formal interview about a nine-month-long NBC 5 investigation that found police officers in Dallas and across Texas were causing car crashes by typing on mobile dashboard computers while driving.

"We prohibit using the MDC while driving, unless it's to save a life," said Brown. "We're still trying to understand where it's grey. We see it very clearly. It's prohibited, except for emergency situations."

In his recent interview with NBC 5, Brown said that typing while driving was actually banned two years ago; however the rule isn't spelled out in the police department's policy. Instead, the chief said, it's in the City of Dallas' Human Resources Department Driving Policy which the chief said covers MDC's even though it doesn't mention them by name.

Full Story: Dallas Police Chief Says Officers Can Type on Computers in Emergencies Only

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