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Chief irked by pub’s playing of N.W.A.'s "F*** tha Police" song

Chief Jeff Jaran was at 'The Squealing Pig' pub when the song from N.W.A.'s 1988 album "Straight Outta Compton" began to play on the sound system.

By PoliceOne Staff

PROVINCETOWN, Mass. — Provincetown Town Manager Sharon Lynn is conducting an inquiry into an incident where a pub reportedly upset the town’s police chief by playing an anti-cop rap song while he was in attendance. 

Police Chief Jeff Jaran was attending a post-election party for local politician Thomas Donegan when the bar began playing "F*** tha Police" by rap group N.W.A. in early May. Jaran was reportedly “uncomfortable and offended”, and told an employee to turn the song off, according to a report in the Cape Cod Times.

Donegan reportedly said the playing of the song was a coincidence, but that may not be totally accurate. The selectman-elect raised questions during his campaign and as a member of the finance committee about the size and location of a proposed new police station, which created tensions with the department.

He also called attention to what he says are concerns from citizens about a heavier-than-normal police presence in town. The town has 13 police officers and four supervisors in addition to Jaran.

The inquiry as to whether the incident constituted “inappropriate behavior” among those in attendance should be concluded within a week.

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