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Video of Ala. cop drag racing forces him to resign

The civilian who prompted the cop to race posted the video to YouTube where it quickly got attention

By PoliceOne Staff

MONTGOMERY, Ala. — A Montgomery motorcycle officer has resigned and may face charges just days after he raced another motorcyclist, and a video of the incident went viral.

Montgomery resident Lawrence Lee Spillers stopped at a traffic light beside the uniformed officer and asked if he wanted to race.

“I got turbo,” the officer, who hasn’t been identified, can be heard saying on the video, which was recorded on Spillers’ helmet camera.

The video shows the two men then racing for several minutes — the officer outpacing Spillers.

Spillers quickly posted the video to YouTube, according to AL.com, and Montgomery Police Chief Kevin Murphy learned about the drag race shortly after.

“For the very thing that we are out here enforcing the law, for an officer to cross that line and violate it, there’s no excuse. I will not tolerate it, and he is no longer wearing the badge,” Murphy told WSFA.

Murphy confirmed that the officer had resigned and may face traffic violation charges.

“I think the officer was just trying to have fun,” Spillers told WSFA. “I don’t think he should be charged with anything and I don’t think he should have lost his job.”

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