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Policies put a choke hold on officer safety

Should officers be trained in the application of (and defense against) neck restraints?

A lone officer was speaking to a mother next to a bassinette, which contained a sleeping newborn baby. The officer was gathering information about the location of her fugitive boyfriend, who according to reports had fled the state. Suddenly the officer noticed movement of the lacey fringe at the bottom of the portable bassinette. The officer cocked his head and spotted the fugitive hiding under a table behind the bassinette. Sensing he had been seen, the suspect exploded out of his hiding place, nearly knocking over the newborn’s small bed as he viciously rushed the officer.

The officer, who was a defensive tactics instructor, spun and positioned himself behind the suspect. He pulled a valuable play from his play book and instantaneously applied a neck restraint. As the officer applied pressure, he asked the suspect, “Do you want to go to jail conscious or unconscious?”

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