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2011 in Review: Top 5 police tackle videos

By PoliceOne Staff

Taking down suspects sometimes requires a tackle — or several. This year officers put the move to good use, as seen in the videos below. Watch the crazy pursuit of four suspects that ended in a chaotic scene on a Florida highway, a "wrestling match" between a deputy and a former high school athlete, and a tackle that fittingly, took place on a football field during the NFL Pro Bowl.

Wrestler tackles cop, gets hit with TASER

Dash cam video shows a former high school state wrestler tackle a deputy, who wins the wrestling match with help from his TASER.


Fla. chase ends with four arrests

To successfully take down four suspects who flee police in vehicles and on foot, a tackle or two may be necessary..


Sheriff Joe's heckler gets tackled

A man in the crowd said the sheriff needs to pay back $100 million in misspent funds. Sheriff Joe says its "garbage," and then comes the tackle.


Cop lays big hit on 'roof jumper' suspect

A teen running from police officers jumped on rooftops to try to get away — and got tackled.


Cops tackle man at NFL Pro Bowl

A man ran on the field during the NFL's 2011 Pro Bowl in January. Cops chased him through a sea of players before tackling him to the ground.


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