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Three Texas Officers Wounded After Man Takes Officers' Guns

Officers David Evans, 51, and Michael Muniz, 22, are in critical condition and underwent emergency surgery. Evans, a 25-year veteran, was shot in the abdomen and chest; Muniz, who has been a policeman for only five months, was wounded in his neck and chest.

Officer Nathan Murray, 33, underwent surgery at University Hospital for a wound to his face; Detective John Bocko, 34, was punched in the face by the attacker and suffered a bullet graze wound to his back.

The man, Jamie Lichtenwalter, a bouncer, punched Bocko, grabbed his gun, and eventually fired all 16 rounds in the clip. He later took a gun from Evans, who was injured and was firing that weapon when he was shot and killed by Muniz.

PoliceOne would like to remind all officers that there is always at least one gun involved in any incident you respond to - yours. An officer's own weapon is one of the leading causes of death in law enforcement. When approaching suspects, victims or witnesses, pay particular attention to the hands and the body language of those you interview. Faces do not kill, so watch all suspects' hands.

It may also be a good time to take a look at your training logs to locate the last date your agency practiced weapon retention drills. If it has been a while, make sure you check your holster for potential issues that may make it venerable to suspect takeovers. If you have access to training weapons, we suggest you test your holster and practice weapon retention drills with a partner.

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