Police Columnists, Writers and Special Reports

In our continued effort to bring you the most comprehensive coverage in the field of law enforcement and law enforcement issues, PoliceOne's columnists cover different aspects of law enforcement. PoliceOne's stable of expert writers provides our readers with valuable insight from both on-the-job and classroom experience.

To submit articles or become a columnist, submit your background/CV and a sample of your writing. And view our Editorial Calendar for planned coverage of key topics throughout the year.

PoliceOne Columnists

Ron Avery The PoliceOne Firearms Corner
with Ron Avery
Betsy Brantner Smith Survival Insights
with Betsy Brantner Smith
Richard Fairburn Law Enforcement Firearms
with Richard Fairburn
Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor at Large Be Advised...
with Doug Wyllie, PoliceOne Editor at Large
Lt. Dan Marcou Blue Knights
with Lt. Dan Marcou
Terrence P. Dwyer, Esq. Police Liability and Litigation
with Terrence P. Dwyer, Esq.
Sgt. Glenn French SWAT Operator
with Sgt. Glenn French
Lindsey J. Bertomen Police Products
with Lindsey J. Bertomen
Duane Wolfe The Warrior's Path
with Duane Wolfe
PoliceOne Special Contributors P1 First Person
with PoliceOne Special Contributors
Garey McKee Police Limit Comic Strip
with Garey McKee
Karen L. Bune Criminals, Victims, and Cops
with Karen L. Bune
Tim Dees Police Tech & Gear
with Tim Dees
Rob Hall Chief's Office
with Rob Hall
Brian Willis If I Knew Then...
with Brian Willis
Dave Grossi Tactics & Training
with Dave Grossi
Chuck Joyner Survival Sciences
with Chuck Joyner
Mike Boyle Firearms Training and Tactics
with Mike Boyle
Moe Greenberg Detective's Notebook
with Moe Greenberg
Ed Flosi Taking Training to the Next Level
with Ed Flosi
Dan Danaher Tactical Encounters
with Dan Danaher
Andrew L. Butts Firearms Evals
with Andrew L. Butts
Val Van Brocklin Cop Gumbo
with Val Van Brocklin
Loraine Burger Perspectives on Policing
with Loraine Burger
Nick Perna Gang Investigations
with Nick Perna
Olivia Johnson Peer Support
with Olivia Johnson
John Vanek Task Force Leadership
with John Vanek
Louis C. Senese Interrogation Themes
with Louis C. Senese
Althea Olson and Mike Wasilewski More Than A Cop
with Althea Olson and Mike Wasilewski
John Hein Inside Internal Affairs
with John Hein
Mike Bires Social Media Strategies
with Mike Bires
David Blake The Science of Training
with David Blake
Barry Reynolds Leadership, Management, and Policing
with Barry Reynolds
Mike Wood Tactical Analysis
with Mike Wood
Les Lethal Larryville Blue
with Les Lethal
Jason Hoschouer Motors and Monies
with Jason Hoschouer
Paul Cappitelli The Elephant in the Room
with Paul Cappitelli
Keith Graves The Drug Warrior
with Keith Graves
Rick Michelson Promotional Preparation
with Rick Michelson
Tim Barfield Becoming Knights
with Tim Barfield
Jeff McGill Changing Police Culture
with Jeff McGill
David Cropp Domestic Violence Prevention & Investigation
with David Cropp
Paul Marik The True North of Policing
with Paul Marik
Cole Zercoe Policing in the 21st Century
with Cole Zercoe
Jonathan Page NeuroCop
with Jonathan Page
George Vrotsos Premeditated Fitness
with George Vrotsos
Booker Hodges Neighborhood Relations
with Booker Hodges
Kevin Sailor Less Lethal Tactics and Training
with Kevin Sailor
Patricia Thompson Instructional Leadership
with Patricia Thompson
Patrick Patten Tactical Woodland Operations
with Patrick Patten
Jim Dudley and Doug Wyllie Policing Matters
with Jim Dudley and Doug Wyllie
Melissa Mann The Voice on the Radio
with Melissa Mann
Mike Callahan The Objectively Reasonable Officer
with Mike Callahan
Chrystal Fletcher Reflections from the Range
with Chrystal Fletcher
M.K. Palmore The Leadership Student
with M.K. Palmore
Dale Stockton The Below 100 Perspective
with Dale Stockton
Heather R. Cotter, PoliceOne Senior Editor Contemporary Issues in Policing
with Heather R. Cotter, PoliceOne Senior Editor
John Bowden On Language, Communication, and Leadership
with John Bowden

Expert Contributors

Travis Yates Police Driving:
Safety Behind the Wheel

with Travis Yates
Charles Remsberg 10-8: Life on the Line
with Charles Remsberg
Force Science Institute Destroying Myths & Discovering Cold Facts
with Force Science Institute
Capt. Greg Meyer (ret.) Less Lethal Issues in Law Enforcement
with Capt. Greg Meyer (ret.)
Dr. Laurence Miller Practical Police Psychology
with Dr. Laurence Miller
Dave Smith The Winning Mind
with Dave Smith
Gary T. Klugiewicz Klugie's Correctional Corner
with Gary T. Klugiewicz
Ken Wallentine Law Enforcement and the Law
with Ken Wallentine
Fred Burton Counterterrorism Intelligence Report
with Fred Burton
John Bennett Walking the Walk
with John Bennett
Chuck Soltys Tactical Medicine for LEOs
with Chuck Soltys
Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D. Passion for the Job
with Chief Joel F. Shults, Ed.D.
the Office of Justice Programs' National Institute of Justice (NIJ) TechBeat
with the Office of Justice Programs' National Institute of Justice (NIJ)
Pat Novesky Rural Policing
with Pat Novesky
PoliceOne Staff How to Buy...
with PoliceOne Staff
Tom Burrell Patrolling the Waterways
with Tom Burrell
Sarah Wilson Grants 101
with Sarah Wilson
Mike Rayburn Combat Gunfighting
with Mike Rayburn
Randy Sutton Policing with Honor
with Randy Sutton
Barbara A. Schwartz Living with the Sacrifice
with Barbara A. Schwartz
Lance Eldridge All Law Enforcement is Local
with Lance Eldridge
Jack E. Hoban & Bruce J. Gourlie The Ethical Warrior
with Jack E. Hoban & Bruce J. Gourlie
Steve Training to Think
with Steve "Pappy" Papenfuhs
Gary Klivans Cracking Gang Codes
with Gary Klivans
Lt. Kevin Dillon (ret.) Developing Better Training
with Lt. Kevin Dillon (ret.)
Steve Rabinovich Officer Aid Tactics in Modern Threat Environments
with Steve Rabinovich
Marty Katz Past the Uniform
with Marty Katz
Scott Stewart Tactical Intelligence
with Scott Stewart
Chris Cerino Firearms Training: Fundamentally Sound
with Chris Cerino
Ken Hardesty Excellence in Training
with Ken Hardesty
John Demand Observation on Demand
with John Demand
PoliceOne Staff Reality Training: Roll Call Video Review
with PoliceOne Staff
Joanne Eldridge The Justice Report
with Joanne Eldridge
Andrew Eways Gang Enforcement
with Andrew Eways
Max 'Extra Scoop' Smithword Spoof News
with Max 'Extra Scoop' Smithword
Anthony Powalie The Art of Discipline
with Anthony Powalie
P1 Community The Question
with P1 Community
PoliceOne Sponsors Spotlight Series
with PoliceOne Sponsors
Jim Morrissey Tactical EMS
with Jim Morrissey
Jeff Paynter Training to Win
with Jeff Paynter
Tim Buchannan 10-8 The Comic
with Tim Buchannan
Brad Smith K-9 Tactical Operator
with Brad Smith
American Military University In Public Safety
with American Military University
Paul C. Wood Dominating Your Operational Environment
with Paul C. Wood
Ron LaPedis Private Industry and Public Safety
with Ron LaPedis
Charles Humes Critical Combative Concepts
with Charles Humes
Kevin Mah Point & Shoot Media Works
with Kevin Mah
Jim Born The Integrated Life
with Jim Born
TFB Staff The Firearm Blog
with TFB Staff
John Hegger Community Corrections Insights
with John Hegger
Adam Davis Building Champions
with Adam Davis
Kenneth Berkowitz The Suburban Chief
with Kenneth Berkowitz
Mike Moeller Agent Moeller
with Mike Moeller
Paul Gregory The Firearms Instructor
with Paul Gregory
Mark St.Hilaire Your Health
with Mark St.Hilaire
Laura King Women in Command
with Laura King
Alexa Brantner Morelli The Cop's Kid
with Alexa Brantner Morelli
Laura Samples Career Advancement
with Laura Samples
Jon Gaskins Ethics in Policing
with Jon Gaskins
David Demurjian Police Use of Force
with David Demurjian
Barney Doyle Working Police
with Barney Doyle
Kevin Davis Use of Force Issues
with Kevin Davis
Kindel Daniels Police Products and Technology
with Kindel Daniels
P1 Leaders Staff P1 Leaders Digital Edition
with P1 Leaders Staff
Uniform Stories Staff Uniform Stories
with Uniform Stories Staff
Matt Stiehm Campus Safety
with Matt Stiehm
Joe LeFevre Forensically Fit
with Joe LeFevre
P1 Lifestyle Staff Lifestyle & Off-Duty
with P1 Lifestyle Staff
Todd Fletcher Combative Firearms Training
with Todd Fletcher

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