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Dan Danaher Tactical Encounters
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Daniel S. Danaher, Executive Board Member, Tactical Encounters Inc., is a Sergeant with the Livonia (Mich.) Police Department. Dan has more than 22 years of law enforcement experience and is currently assigned as the Training Coordinator for his agency. He is a former Marine Non-Commissioned Officer, where he served as a Rifleman, Scout/Sniper and Marksmanship Instructor. Dan also served in the Persian Gulf, on the USS Okinawa and Mobile Sea Base Hercules in Operations Earnest Will and Prime Chance, during the Iran/Iraq War.

Prior assignments/duties include: Patrol, Special Operations Unit, Motor Officer, Range-Master and Narcotics and Surveillance Bureau. Dan was also the former Senior Team Leader for the Western Wayne Special Operations Team with over 18 years of SWAT experience as both a Sniper and Entry Team Leader. Dan has been a member of his Department’s Color/Honor-Guard for 20 years. Dan holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Criminal Justice from Madonna University. He holds instructor certifications in the following areas: Firearms, Patrol Rifle, Rapid Deployment, Defensive Tactics, Ground Fighting, Spontaneous Knife Defense, TASER, Personal Chemical Agents, Strategies and Tactics on Patrol Stops, SWAT Tactics, Low-Light Tactics, Confrontational Simulation/Reality Based Training and Live-Fire Shoot-House.

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