Jason Welin, On Patrol in Canada

Jason Welin On Patrol in Canada
with Jason Welin

Officer Jason Welin is a provincially appointed Peace Officer, in Alberta, Canada.  He has 4 years of experience in a role that includes provincial offenses enforcement, traffic, and general patrol.  Previous to his current position, for over 15 years  he was employed in a number of high risk security assignments, including hospital/psychiatric/emergency room security, supervisor of protective services at a busy inner city homeless shelter, in retail and industrial loss prevention and private investigations.

Jason is an instructor in PPCT, Verbal Judo, Winning Mind Knife and Ground Defense, RADAR/LIDAR, Taser, OC Spray, and is a trainer in Martial Bladecraft/Counter Bladecraft, Personal Emergency Preparedness,  and other law enforcement disciplines.  He’s is a proud ILEETA member and is presenting a session on Emergency Preparedness for Law Enforcement Families at the 2014 ILEETA Conference.

Jason is also a volunteer/paid-on-call firefighter with at large county fire service and is a certified ice rescue technician, safety codes officer,  watercraft operator/rescuer, and has achieved his NFPA 1001 Firefighter certification.

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