Jon Felperin, LE Career Advice and Business Opportunities

Jon Felperin LE Career Advice and Business Opportunities
with Jon Felperin

Jon Felperin, M.A., is a professional educator, Police Trainer, and a former Instructor at the San Francisco Police Academy. For five years he was and instructor at UC Berkeley, in conjunction with the Haas Business School.

Most recently, Jon has become concerned with the difficulties that agencies across the country are having with recruitment, selection, and retention of new Officers. Early retirement, rising educational standards, and declining literacy levels are shrinking the qualified candidate pool. Only about 3 percent of all applicants successfully complete the testing, academy, and field training stages. In fact, as many as 75 candidates are needed to fill every one position!

To help combat the problem, Jon is an active member of the National Partnership for Careers in Public Safety and Security which fosters the development of high school career academies specializing in Public Safety, Law Enforcement, and Security careers. (There are more than 900 academies of this type in the United States.)

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Jon Felperin is Director of The Center for Law Enforcement Training based in Northridge, CA. You may reach him at or visit

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