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Dr. Matt Stiehm was born and raised in Minnesota. He received an Educational Doctorate from Argosy University, where the focus of his research was campus safety and security. He has a Masters Degree of Criminal Justice from Central Missouri State University, with his final paper which focused on the investigation of child abuse and finally a Bachelors of Science from Wayne State College, Nebraska. He has served as a police officer in three states (CA, MN and NE), he keeps current on law enforcement trends.  He currently is a member of ILEETA, MN Infragard, FBI LEEDS, an Associate Member of the IACP, Support Member of the MN Chiefs Association, the Midwestern Criminal Justice Association, and recently Police Executive Research Forum Subscribing Member.

He currently volunteers with the Minnesota State Office of Justice Programs to work with the yearly crime victim’s conference, Minnesota Hockey P and P Committee, and serves as an active member of the Law Enforcement Family Support Network serving as the Vice President. He was appointed to the Clery Center for Security on Campus and serves on their national advisory board. He has worked in higher education for the past 7 years where he served as the Program Coordinator in Law Enforcement, Assistant Dean and is the former Chair of the School of Criminal Justice at ITT Technical Institute.

He has instructed police officers and other professionals in the areas of; peace officer rights, child abuse, use of force, leadership and interviewing for continuing education credit. He is recognized as an subject matter expert in tribal law enforcement where he focused on the disparity of Native American Officers versus Non Native Officers serving tribal land; he also focused on general training issues in Indian Country Law Enforcement.  He is also a recognized authority in general police practices, training trends, and other standards. Dr. Stiehm has served as a police practices expert with local (MN) based law firms.

He has presented to government boards on the topics that include academic accreditation to law enforcement education/training. Matt has attended and received instructor certification; from Pressure Point and Control Tactics, Minneapolis Community College Use of Force Instructor, RAD-Systems, FLETC Use of Force Instructor Program, and AELE Lethal and Less Lethal Training Program. Matt also has worked as an adjunct instructor for the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center out of Glynco, Georgia. Matt has written as a former lead contributor on leadership at He was also interviewed at the 2012 ILEETA Conference by Sgt. Betsy Bartner Smith on the topic of Child Abuse Investigation which will is featured on the PoliceOne Academy. He currently is working on two different text books proposals with different publishers. He also serves as a Co-Editor and contributor for the Journal of Law Enforcement.

He has worked as a curriculum expert creating a variety of classes in all types of arenas to include, online, hybrid (blended), traditional classroom, professional development/continuing education and single source presentations. Most notably Dr. Stiehm has presented at the American Correctional Conference, (2009), International Law Enforcement Educators and Trainers Conference (2009, 2011 and 2012), MN IACLEA Conference (2011), and the International Association of Chiefs of Police (2011). He has also presented at local conferences to include the Minnesota Career College Association (2008, 2010, and 2011), and a local conference of the Park Law Enforcement Association sponsored by Three Rivers Park District Police Department. Finally he has chaired a panel at the 2011 Midwestern Criminal Justice Association.  He is currently scheduled to appear and speak at the 2013 Park Law Enforcement Association conference in January. He has completed conference proposals for the following conferences in 2013-IADLEST, IACLEA, ILEETA, MN IACLEA, Northeast IACLEA, National Sheriffs Association Conference, and MN Chiefs of Police Conference. He has been accepted to present at the 2013 GOV Sec and the 2013 Mid-America IACLEA Conference.

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