Richard Davis, ALM, Understanding Domestic Violence

Richard Davis, ALM Understanding Domestic Violence
with Richard Davis, ALM

Richard L. Davis is a retired lieutenant from the Brockton (Mass.) Police Department. He completed studies in criminal justice management at LaSalle University. He has a graduate degree in criminal justice from Anna Maria College, and another in liberal arts with a concentration in history from Harvard University.

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Richard Davis is a member of the International Honor Society of Historians and an instructor for Quincy College at Plymouth. He is the vice president of the board of directors for the Community Center for Non-Violence and the vice president of Family Nonviolence Inc.

His collaborative domestic violence support Web site, The Cop and the Survivor, with law summaries, editorials and other information, can be found at

He is the author of "Domestic Violence: Intervention, Prevention, Policies and Solutions" from CRC Press and "Domestic Violence: Facts and Fallacies" from Praeger publishers. He has written numerous articles for newspapers, journals and magazines concerning the issue of domestic violence. He writes a monthly column for and an occasional column for He also has a Web site at A recent work is an article that defines domestic violence in the multivolume Encyclopedia of Psychology by the Oxford University Press and Yale University.

He lives in Plymouth, Mass., with his wife and the two youngest of five children.

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