Det. Steve Walton (Ret.), Cops vs. Drugs: Tactics and Issues for All Officers

Det. Steve Walton (Ret.) Cops vs. Drugs: Tactics and Issues for All Officers
with Det. Steve Walton (Ret.)

Detective Steve Walton (retired) is a 25-year veteran of law enforcement. For the last 10 years he was assigned to a Drug Unit and in that capacity he supervised an undercover street team and managed more than 120 undercover drug operations and 780 undercover drug transactions.

Steve personally attended over 300 Marijuana grow operations and has been qualified in the criminal justice system as an expert with respect to street drug-related matters. Steve’s formal and informal education regarding street drugs has provided him with considerable expertise in the areas of street jargon, consumption practices and the physiology of street drugs, the effects of use, street pricing and patterns of abuse.

Steve is a member of the California Narcotic Officers Association, and a former member of the National Advisory Board for the Police Marksman Magazine. Steve is a member of the advisory board and is an active instructor for the Addictions Studies faculty at Mount Royal College in Calgary and was a member of the national training initiative “Chemical Drugs and the Dance Culture”. Steve is a contributing editor to the American School Health Association and is a drug awareness instructor for the nation wide training strategy P.A.R.T.Y.

Steve has published numerous articles in a variety of publications in Canada and the United States and is the author of the award-winning, best-selling book “First Response Guide to Street Drugs” Volume 1. Steve recently completed his second book “Club Drugs, Designer Drugs, and Predatorial Chemicals; A First Response Guide to Street Drugs Volume 2”.

Steve has spent considerable time in other areas of the Police Service including; patrol and tactical support. Steve actively instructs in the areas of drug education, and drug investigational techniques, as well as officer safety.

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