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Lt. Raymond E. Foster, LAPD (ret.) Leadership, Technology and Tactics: Themes from the Street
with Lt. Raymond E. Foster, LAPD (ret.)

Lieutenant Raymond E. Foster, LAPD (ret.) is the author of "Police Technology" (Prentice Hall, July 2004). During his twenty-four years with the Los Angeles Police Department he worked ten geographic areas; including Newton, 77th and Southwest Areas. In addition to patrol, Lieutenant Foster worked specialized assignments such as communications, traffic, community relations and fugitives. Raymond has a BA in Criminal Justice Management, a Masters in Public Finance and is currently finishing his doctoral studies.

In addition to his writing, Lieutenant Foster is an adjunct faculty member at the Union Institute & University and is the founder and principal consultant of Hi Tech Criminal Justice. His consulting projects involve work with the Department of Homeland Security, several universities and non-profit agencies.

Hi Tech Criminal Justice is dedicated to providing online education resources for police officers and maintains four law enforcement/military related websites:

Hi Tech Criminal Justice

The mission of Hi Tech Criminal Justice is to provide criminal justice practitioners and academics with online educational services. The website includes extensive research databases and resources.

The Armed Forces Reading List

Each branch of the United States Military has published a professional development and leadership reading list for soldiers, sailors and airmen. Each services list is maintained and updated for easy reference.

The International Association of Chiefs of Police Leadership and Professional Development Reading List

Much like the Armed Forces Reading List, the IACP developed a reading list directed at police officers. The list is maintained and updated for easy reference.

The Police Officer's Reading List

A reading list developed by police officers for police officers. It is arranged by rank, crime and special subject. Police officers, especially those working the street or in line leadership positions, are encouraged to submit books and book reviews for their peers.

Author of the Los Angeles Police Department

No other police agency has produced more authors than the Los Angeles Police Department. Over sixty authors - true crime, fiction, academic works and biographies.

Raymond current major project is co-authoring the upcoming book, "Homeland Security and the New Threats of Global Terrorism: From Cold War to Flaming-Hot War (Prentice Hall, February 2007)" with Major General Dror Itzhaki, Israeli Security Agency (ret), a senior Israeli expert on security, protection, operations and prevention of criminal and terror acts and Dr. Reuven Paz, Ph.D., an Israeli expert on militant and radical Islam and Islamist movements. Additionally, his is in contract negotiations on a third book - An Introduction to Policing. You can view Lieutenant Foster's Complete CV Here.

Lieutenant Foster can be reached at raymond@hitechcj.com or through the website at www.hitechcj.com

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