Calif. police chief tells congress to keep 'D Block'

San Jose Chief Chris Moore advocated against auctions of 'white space' spectrum that could impact emergency transmissions

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If the U.S. government auctions some of the broadband spectrum between television channels known as “white space,” some of that spectrum has to be reserved to meet the needs of emergency services or interference from commercial transmissions will bleed into the emergency spectrum, a representative of a national public safety group told Government Video.

San Jose, Calif.’s Police Chief Christopher Moore said if the section of the white space broadband spectrum known as the “D Block”—a band of spectrum that first responders would use for an interoperable wireless broadband network located next to airwaves already used by public safety—is auctioned and reallocated to producers of wireless devices, there will be interference issues with the existing 10 MHz that is adjacent to the existing D Block.

The House subcommittee on communications and technology held a hearing on July 15 on the possible auction of government broadband spectrum to commercial users by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) at which representatives focused on “discussion” drafts of two potential bills being circulated by both parties in both houses of Congress.

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