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The Up-Beat: Rapper teams up with Iowa PD and 4 more P1 posts cops loved

Here's what made PoliceOne's Facebook audience smile this week

By PoliceOne Staff

Facebook recently launched a new extension of their ‘like’ feature that allows readers to more accurately express their feelings about a story – something police officers aren’t shy about doing. Below are the most ‘loved’ posts of the week from PoliceOne's Facebook page, from the LE community's viral campaign honoring a slain rookie officer to a hip-hop artist's show of support for cops.

5. Photo: Married cops remind community to think before they speak

A married LE couple posted a viral photo of themselves smiling in a cruiser on Thanksgiving Day in a message to the public about the importance of remembering cops aren't just a badge and a gun. The couple has four daughters and gave up their Thanksgiving “so the community would be safe.”

“All you may see in this photo is two smiling police officers. But there is more."

Posted by PoliceOne.com on Thursday, March 10, 2016

4. Photo by Baltimore officer of boy praying over homeless man goes viral​

A powerful gesture by a Baltimore teen captured the attention of the nation after a police officer – in awe of the teen’s kind act – snapped a photo of the moment and posted it on Facebook.  

In awe, the officer snapped a photo of the moment and posted it on Facebook.

Posted by PoliceOne.com on Thursday, March 10, 2016

3.  Photos: Md. officer rescues wounded bald eagle

A Maryland officer received high praise this week for what is arguably one of the most American acts of kindness we’ve ever covered: rescuing an injured bald eagle. 

The officer named the eagle "Trust."

Posted by PoliceOne.com on Tuesday, March 8, 2016

2. Photos: Cops honor slain rookie officer with #MyFirstDay viral campaign

The tragic killing of Officer Ashley Guindon struck a somber chord with the LE community. As a tribute, cops nationwide shared photos of their first days on the force across social media – including on our Facebook post about the campaign. 

Officer Ashley Guindon was tragically shot and killed during her first day on the job. To pay tribute to her sacrifice,...

Posted by PoliceOne.com on Friday, March 4, 2016

1. Video: Hip hop artist teams up with Iowa police in 'All Lives Matter' music video 

In show of support for cops facing tough times across the nation, hip hop artist Will Keeps partnered up with the Des Moines police department to make a music video aimed at promoting unity. 

The video was made to promote unity.

Posted by PoliceOne.com on Wednesday, March 9, 2016

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