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P1 First Person: There is hope in the world

John K. Groves

Captain John K. Groves
Pulaski County (Mo.) Sheriff’s Department

My hope in humanity has come to the surface again and I can say that people still care and give of themselves. What makes me reclaim this passage? I guess I would have to recall the events of the past week and you would have to make up your own mind if humanity still cares.

One of my jobs is the Chief of Detectives in a Sheriff’s Department in Missouri. I have worked for the sheriff's department for the past nine years and come to know many of the police officers in the area from different departments. My thirty-seven years experience of both military and civilian police work has allowed me to see the hardness of humanity and what great pain people can inflict upon one another. I had all but give up hope on the human race and its ability to extend compassion to others.

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