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Video: Texas officer brings joy through dance, celebrity impressions

Officer Arthur Parker has been directing school traffic while dancing for 27 years

By PoliceOne Staff

PLANO, Texas — For the past 27 years, Officer Arthur Parker has brought joy and laughter to students and staff at Clark High School. He dances while directing school traffic, does celebrity impressions, and even plays the harmonica in the hallways while students switch classes.

On his harmonica, he plays the theme from “Star Wars” to get students to move faster to their next class, according to CBS News

Principal Janice Williams said when she first met Parker, she was a little worried, but he’s kept her laughing since day one.

“My first impression was ‘oh my gosh, this is gonna be the person that’s gonna be protecting us’ because he did his normal goofy OP (Officer Parker) thing and went into some kind of character, and he’s kept me laughing ever since,” Williams said.

Students said he’s a big part of their lives and he always works for find a connection with them.

“He’s mostly just taught me how to be confident no matter what,” student Sapida Abbasi told the publication.

But students know that he’ll still be strict when things get real.

Parker was voted Plano police officer of the year last year, and students surprised him with a pep rally and even let him perform. He said he appreciates the recognition, but he does what he does because he likes to see people smile. 

“I feel like I have so much to give, and I’m still not giving enough,” Parker told CBS. “Not many people have the opportunity or are aware of the power they have to make someone happy.”

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