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"You're on your own": Video claims police unable to help

The video, created by activists, features footage of police suggesting measures for warding off home invaders

By PoliceOne Staff

An undercover video has been released by conservative activists who claim it highlights how residents are "on their own" when it comes to warding off home invasions, and illustrates the "importance of recognizing a gun’s role in saving lives."

Camera operators from Project Veritas, headed by James O’Keefe, asked police officers in their stations in North Carolina, New Jersey, and New York for advice on what homeowners should do while waiting for police to arrive.

While a few officers suggested applying for gun permits, the group says the majority of the advice was the same: fend for yourself.  Police suggested anything from locking yourself behind closed doors and screaming, using bleach and ammonia, and having a dog to protect your home. 

In some instances, the cops tell the videographers that they have incredibly long response times and one North Carolina officer saying, "We can’t always get there. Look at the traffic right now." 

Some other excerpts from the video:

"We try. We can't always get there." – Fuquay-Varina, NC

"Sometimes we can't be anywhere at all because everybody's tied up." – Durham, NC

"Lock yourself in a bedroom, start yelling and screaming." – Jersey City, NJ

"Some people have dogs." – Yonkers, NY

"Go get some bleach. Go get ammonia." - East Orange, NJ

"A rifle and shotgun is actually for luxury." – Kew Gardens, NY

"It's 2013. It's the United States of America. You lock your doors and you hope nothing happens." –  Dobbs Ferry, NY

O’Keefe, who has drawn attention previously for hidden-camera filming of organizations such as ACORN and Planned Parenthood, claimed the goal of the investigation was to highlight the "importance of recognizing a gun’s role in saving lives." 

"Media hypocrites have never even bothered to ask about all the lives that guns can save. So we did," he said.

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