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Man rescues Ga. cop from blazing cruiser

The man laid on the officer to protect him when the fire prompted bullets in the squad to explode

By PoliceOne Staff

FULTON COUNTY, Ga. — A man who witnessed a crash between an officer’s squad and an SUV  rushed to the officer’s aid, saying he knew he had to help him escape his now-burning vehicle.  

Michael Ashford was riding his motorcycle Sunday  when a black SUV hit Officer Matthew Williams – whose emergency lights were on as he was answering a call – head on, according to WTEV-47.

“It was like a mass explosion when they collided, it was just horrendous,” Ashford said.

Ashford ran to Williams’ aid, to find him pinned in the cruiser, crushed by the door, unable to remove his jammed seat belt.

When he discovered the passenger door was jammed too, he kicked the window out. The engine had exploded and flames were rising, according to Ashford.

He finally ripped the door open just as Williams managed to get his seatbelt off, and was dragged out of the car, the article said.

“I said, ‘Man, we gotta get him. We gotta move him. We gotta move him.’ And no sooner than we dragged him 30 feet, the car blew up,” Ashford said.

Bullets could be heard going off when the gas tank exploded, so Ashford laid across Officer Williams to protect him.

Williams was rushed to the hospital with a broken hand and leg.

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