Va. cop saves Valentine's Day for injured girl

Crewe Police Officer Jonathan Baxter Stegall brought Valentine's Day to a girl who missed out on her school party due to an injury

By PoliceOne Staff

CREWE, Va. — An officer decided to bring a Valentine’s Day party to the home of a girl he knew had missed her school’s party due to injuries she sustained in a car crash last month.

Crewe Police Officer Jonathan Baxter Stegall responded to a crash Feb. 17 where he met Najah, 6, who had broken her leg in the crash, according to WTVR.

Najah told Stegall that she feared she would miss her school’s Valentine’s party, which was the following day.

“Everyone needs a Valentine, so on March 4 officers went to Najah’s house and had a belated Valentine’s Day gathering, delivering candy, cards and more,” Crewe Police wrote on their Facebook page.

Stegall bought Najah a box of candy and other toys and brought them to her home with some fellow officers to ensure she didn’t miss the holiday. 

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