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10 more amazing photos that'll make you proud to be a cop

You should be proud day in and day out of the work you do; here's a reminder as to why

Critics can make it rather easy for officers to become discouraged about their jobs, as they work relentlessly to build cases against police and the work they do. But officers who are constantly performing selfless good deeds are the majority.

Just recently an officer made the news for helping a handicapped gentleman in a wheelchair bring his groceries home. Most officers read that and think, of course he did. We do things like that all the time. It's 'news' because it was caught on camera. Last year, we reminded police of just how proud we are of their efforts, and it seemed a good time to do that again.

You’ll notice the majority of these photos are of officers with children — which should come as no surprise — as most officers feel most proud about their jobs when they see the results of their hard work: children playing safely and waiting for their cop parents to come home safe.

Whether you’re a parent or not, these photos can’t help but make you feel proud to do what you do: enforce the laws in your community so that families can live peacefully.

1. Marc Silveira of the Contra Costa Sheriff's Office in Martinez, Calif. sent in this photo, after ensuring a couple wild of speeders press down hard . (Photo courtesy Marc Silveira)

2. Officer Sean Bradley gives his baby a kiss goodbye before he heads off to work. (Photo courtesy Felicia Peterson)

3. Captain John Bailey of the Western Kentucky University Police Department in Bowling Green, Ky. snapped this shot of Officer Eric Woodward and his now retired K-9 Danny after they found out Danny was diagnosed with cancer.  (Photo courtesy Captain John Bailey)

4. Officer Jason Fairbrother’s son pensively watches his father head off to work. (Photo courtesy Jason Fairbrother)

5. If this doesn’t make you smile, nothing will. Dan Brierley and his son Daniel pose before dad hits the streets.  (Photo courtesy Veronica Sherwood)

6. Is there anything better to come home to than this after a long shift? (Photo courtesy Jairo D. Armenta)

7. Officer Adam McInnis of the El Dorado Police handing out bottles of water at the skate park on a hot summer day to the neighborhood kids. (Photo courtesy El Dorado Police)

8. Officer Kameron Lee of the Arizona Dept. of Public Safety takes a quick lunch break with his youngest daughter, and then it’s back to work! (Photo courtesy Officer Kameron Lee)

9. Scottsdale Officer Danny Garcia bought a new bicycle for a ten year old boy who just had his bicycle stolen earlier in the evening.  He used his own money to buy the bicycle and presented it to him later the same night, along with a bike lock and brand new helmet! (Photo courtesy Tara Ford)

10. Officer Chad Eberly of the Caernarvon Township Police Department was approached by children showing off their carnival game prizes as he worked bike patrol at the event. (Photo courtesy Chad Eberly)

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