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5 inspiring police stories this week

By PoliceOne Staff

We’re looking for a short, snappy series name (i.e. “Helping Hands:”) that encompasses a new series of uplifting police news – and we want your help naming it! Read our premiere issue here and leave your series suggestions in the comments! 

Lending a helping hand is part of the job for officers of the law — but their daily good deeds rarely make headlines. With our new series, we aim to bring some much-deserved attention to the little things our officers do for our communities every day. 

This week’s good deeds include a boy’s adoption, rescued kittens, and tickets for good behavior.

1. NY cops save drowning kayakers

MACEDON, N.Y.  — Two officers saved three kayakers from nearly drowning on Aug. 14 at Aqueduct Park, WHEC reported.

The kayakers were pulled by a swirling current of water that flipped their vessels. The kayakers were thrown around the swirling vortex of water and were losing strength as they tried to  escape.

Macedon Police Officer Jeremiah Dresser and Wayne County Sheriff’s Deputy Matt Weber jumped into the water and pulled the kayakers to safety.

One of the kayakers that survived the ordeal, Janie Filion, told WHEC if it weren’t for the officers, “all three of us could have died last night.”

2. SC school officer adopts ‘unadoptable’ student

ROEBUCK, S.C.  —  Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office Master Deputy Mike Gibson was appointed to be the new full-time resource officer for Spartanburg School District 6, but had no idea his new job would lead to a son, WYFF reported.

It started when Gibson went to file a report about an abused child and something tugged at his heartstrings. He told his wife about the child.

"He said, 'In all my years in law enforcement, I've never felt led to do something, but I feel like God's telling me that we can help this one.' So, I was on board," Gibson’s wife, Kimber, said to the publication.

When he spoke to officials, they said the boy was ‘unadoptable’ due to behavior issues. When the boy’s parents’ rights were terminated, Gibson adopted him anyway. 

“He's changed ours [lives] more than we changed his," Kimber said to the news site. "It's one of the most rewarding things that we've ever done.

3. Calif. cops ‘ticket’ kids for good behavior

MODESTO, Calif. — Modesto Police are distributing coupons for free Slurpees to local children and teens who are ‘caught’ being good, FOX 40 reported.  

The 7-Eleven sponsored program known as “Operation Chill” allows officers to “ticket” people for things like wearing a helmet on a scooter and picking up trash. 

"I don't know who likes the Operation Chill program more — police officers or kids," 7-Eleven Vice President of Asset Protection Mark Stinde said in a news release.

4. LA LEOs pull over to help 14-year-old boy with his tie

LOS ANGELES  — Officers Jonathan Maldonado and Alberto Ladesma were on patrol when a woman with her son flagged them down, NBC Los Angeles reported

The mother was embarrassed but needed help with her son’s tie for his first day of school. The officers stopped to help, and later told the news site, there is more to cops than dealing with criminals.

"We're here to help the community we serve," Maldonado said to NBC.

5. Va. officers, firefighters rescue kitten from pipe

(Fredericksburg PD Image)

FREDERICKSBURG, Va. — Firefighters and two police officers were safely able to coax a kitten stuck in a pipe with food, milk and water, WUSA9 reported

Officers Gilworth and Wagner responded to a call about a kitten in a drain. When they arrived and attempted to enter, the kitten ran into a 150-foot horizontal pipe.

The officers and firefighters successfully rescued the frightened kitten by running a gentle stream of water through the pipe to coax it out. A resident nearby took the kitten home.

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