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Ala. Police Embrace Cliche For Good Cause; Officers to Camp on Krispy Kreme Until Sunday

NBC13.com (Alabama)

HOOVER, Ala. -- It's an old stereotype -- police officers and donuts. But on Friday, the Hoover Police Department took advantage of the cliché for a good cause.

Hoover police officers camped out on top of a local Krispy Kreme to raise money for the Special Olympics.

When officer Jehad al-Dakka visited the Special Olympics in 1995, he was inspired to continue supporting the program and the athletes.

"I feel like it's the way I can payback the community -- the first thing. The second thing is it's a great feeling when you deal with these kids (and) you see how they're determined to achieve their goals," said al-Dakka.

"A lot of times, you hear about other programs out here in the world and not a lot (about) the Special Olympics," said Timothy Pugh, of the Hoover Police Department.

"I feel great," said Pugh. "I'm glad to be here. It doesn't make me feel any better (to) be anywhere else, because I know it's for a good thing."

Ben Wood, manager of the Krispy Kreme, hopes the event will make a difference.

"This is actually the first time we've done something this big since we opened up. It's helped business out, and it's a great cause," said Wood.

The event's goal is to collect $15,000 for the year. The event will continue until Sunday night.

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