Videos: Detroit cops break out dance moves at music fest

Officers in attendance used the festival as an opportunity for connecting with the community

By PoliceOne Staff

DETROIT — Detroit's Movement music festival took place over the weekend, and officers in attendance used it as an opportunity for connecting with the community.

According to Space Coast Daily, Officer David Mays showed off his breakdancing skills amongst a crowd enjoying a set.

"I'd like to thank everyone for the positive feedback. Dancing is something I still enjoy as well as making people laugh and smile. I just wanted to do a part in bridging the gap between law enforcement and the public. We are nothing if our community can't relate to us and doesn't trust us," Mays said in response to the video.

Over on the fest’s Red Bull Music Academy Stage, another officer, Frederick Youngblood, hyped up the crowd and showed off some moves of his own as electronic act Hudson Mohawke performed, the Detroit Free Press reported.

"It was just to let the crowd know we support them and love them. And they love us too," Youngblood told the Free Press. "It's a great thing when the community and the police come together."

The three-day Movement festival, which showcases predominately electronic acts, began in 2000 and draws tens of thousands of concert-goers. 

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