Wis. officer receives ‘thank you’ note from speeding driver

The driver thanked the officer for making them slow down

By PoliceOne Staff

MIDDLETON, Wis. — An officer received an unexpected “thank you” note from a speeding driver this week.

Officer Kim Wood stooped a driver for speeding in a 35 mph section of a Wisconsin highway, Channel 3000 reports.

“While not ‘above and beyond’ I want to thank Officer Wood for slowing me down in my rush to get back to work,” the driver wrote in the note. “My speed was more than a little exuberant.”

The traffic stop made the driver rethink their speed on the freeway.

"Since then I have been mindful of the speed and enjoying the scenery, though cars behind me do not always seem to share my appreciation," the driver wrote. "May all traffic stops result in drivers rethinking their actions."


Extremely rare thank you note received after Officer Kim Wood stopped a driver for speeding recently. Another fine...

Posted by Middleton Police Department on Tuesday, April 2, 2019


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