Salient CRGT

Salient CRGT
4000 Legato Rd. Suite 600
Fairfax, VA 22033-2893
Phone: 703.891.8200
Fax: 703.891.8201
Salient CRGT, a leading technology company, delivers mobile technologies that functions as a force-multiplier to improve efficiencies, effectiveness, and promote officer safety. An officer’s front line duties are greatly affected by new and evolving advances. Our suite of Voyager mobile technology solutions empowers mobile users by moving access to information right directly into the hands of the officer:

- Voyager Query for Law Enforcement provides criminal justice personnel with immediate access to critical criminal justice data right at their fingertips.
- Voyager CommandTRACKER is a flexible, personnel incident and asset management system for GPS-enabled radios.
- Voyager Atlas places situational awareness of an organization’s mission directly into the hands of the mobile workforce.
- Voyager eDOC assists personnel with managing inmate interactions inside a campus environment.

Voyager Mobility Solutions are designed to be intuitive and simple to use. We make technology for law enforcement communities easier by providing access to critical data, for the officer on scene, command and control, or well after the event for analysis.


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