Guardian Alliance Technologies

Guardian Alliance Technologies
11 S. San Joaquin St. Suite #804
Stockton, CA 95202
Phone: 415-655-2240

Guardian’s mission is to assist law enforcement professionals in preserving and protecting the integrity of their profession through the deployment of innovative technology solutions and fostering strategic alliances that serve to streamline the process of vetting and hiring law enforcement professionals.

Guardian’s web-based background investigation software platform simplifies the collection of applicant data and investigation assets, automates repetitive tasks, provides improved quality control, and contributes to a proprietary National Applicant Information Center to provide better transparency of applicant-provided information.

Thanks to input from highly-decorated law enforcement professionals on Guardian's Advisory Board, LE agencies across the United States, and strategic partnerships with organizations such as the FBINAA, Guardian is able to work collaboratively to continually improve and enhance tools available to background units nationwide.

Guardian welcomes all Law Enforcement agencies, large or small, to join the Guardian Alliance to enhance the hiring process through a unified collaborative effort.

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