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Propper International, Inc. - Videos

Propper International, Inc.
17 Research Park Dr # 100
Weldon Spring, MO 63304-5620
Phone: (800) 296-9690

Propper International is an official supplier to the U.S. Military and manufacturer of the highest quality garments for military, tactical and law enforcement use. Since 1967, our products have been Battle Tested from the jungles of Viet Nam to the Deserts of Iraq and city streets across America. Products include authentic military-spec uniforms, Fire resistant apparel, GORE-TEX® Outerwear, Propper's legendary BDUs, law enforcement and tactical apparel, Adventure Tech® Advanced Protective Combat Uniform, Propper Defender™ Law enforcement outerwear, CriticalEdge EMT pants, headwear and the revolutionary Propper I.C.E. Performance Polo.

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