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Team Wendy

Team Wendy
17000 Saint Clair Ave Building #1
Cleveland, OH 44110-2539
Phone: +1.216.738.2518

What's Inside Your Helmet?

The answer to this question matters – and it may be a matter of life and death. At Team Wendy, our mission is to provide comfortable and durable protective products that exceed the needs of helmet wearers worldwide. Currently, Team Wendy’s Zorbium® Action Pad (ZAP™) helmet liner suspension system is the only authorized system for the US Army, Marine Corps and National Guard. The company is now introducing that same level of protection and comfort to law enforcement professionals.

That distinction was given for one reason and one reason only – protection. Zorbium® is an energy-absorbing, multi-impact material engineered by Team Wendy chemists specifically for headgear safety and, since 2005, has come to be known as the safest material you can put in a helmet. In some cases, competitor products are seven-times more likely to allow a killing or significant injury. When the difference is that dramatic, overprotective should be the only option. That’s why at Team Wendy, we are overprotective and proud of it.™

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