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Video: Sisters in custody dance, urinate on chairs at station

Surveillance video shows officers seated as the two girls dance around the room

By PoliceOne Staff

MIAMI — Two sisters visiting Miami from Toronto who were arrested for disorderly intoxication and criminal mischief proceeded to dance around the processing room of the police department and urinate on chairs the night of their arrest.

 Angelina and Michele Mastrangelo agreed to 25 hours each of community service following the incident, but both claim they were wrongfully arrested, according to the Toronto Star.

“Since we’re from Canada, we didn’t want to come back down. And because he [the judge] was so nice … we basically had to take it,” said Angelina, 24.

Following an internal investigation, police determined that there was no wrongdoing on the part of officials, according to the article.

Surveillance video shows that officers remained seated as the two girls danced around while cuffed, and one urinates on a chair and changes seats several times.

“The video tape tells a bit of a different story,” said Miami Beach police chief Raymond Martinez. “I think it shows just really bizarre behaviour by these girls. It substantiates what the officers wrote in their arrest form … about the girls being the aggressors, not following the instructions of officers.”

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