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OJ Simpson caught hoarding cookies in prison

A corrections officer saw Simpson hiding something and found several oatmeal cookies

The Daily Mail

Nevada — Who stole the cookie from the cookie jar? O.J. Simpson, apparently. The former gridiron great was recently caught pilfering the sweet treats from the cafeteria of his Nevada prison — something which is strictly forbidden.

According to a source, guards noticed the 66-year-old hiding something under his prison clothes as he walked back to his cell after lunch. When they quizzed him, he revealed a stash of more than a dozen oatmeal cookies, which were then seized.

The guard could have written up Simpson for the attempted cookie smuggle but he reportedly decided to let him off with a warning.  The source said that while Simpson was embarrassed, eating his favorite foods is the only enjoyment he has left.

Full Story: Tubby O.J. Simpson is caught stealing COOKIES from prison cafeteria

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