Compromising the integrity of staff in prison, Part 1 — Are you at risk?

By Sgt. Daryll Slimmer
Intelligence Officer
C1 Forums: In-custody gang unit contacts sought

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The following information on compromising the integrity of staff was given to me by a former Former Ranking Member of the Aryan Brotherhood. While the information contains situations that occur in both state and federal facilities, they can be applied to the positions that we are in every day. It should be read by all staff, even those who are not in contact with inmates on a daily basis. Pay particular attention to the situations in which you might have already found yourself. As a reminder, report all suspicious behavior and activities to the SIS Shop immediately.

Part I

Gang leaders have developed an array of methods to manipulate and compromise staff members. The ultimate goal is to exert enough influence over an officer to make him identify, at some level, with a particular gang and adopt at least part of its culture and ideology.

The single most important factor in successfully profiling a staff member is that he/she remains unaware that the profiling is taking place.

Without proper training, staff members will remain unaware that they are being profiled and will continue to be compromised.

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