Md. CO killer attempts courthouse escape

Editor's Note — It’s been said, If we don’t learn from history we are doomed to repeat it. Here is a classic example of exactly that.

P1's Gary Klugiewicz says, "This guy is a correction officer murderer who also escaped from a hospital. We have the technology [e.g., using shock belts and leg immobilizers ] to stop him from running — even if the use of restraints were restricted in the courtroom.

"There are all kinds of soft restraints, RIPP restraints being the most popular, that look much better that the traditional belly chains and legs irons that can be used to completely prevent the prisoner from getting up to run.

"Even if no restraints were allowed in the courtroom effective team tactics could have prevented the attempted race to freedom. The prisoner saw an opportunity, and he took it. We need to make sure that future situations like this are prevented by proper threat assessment, education of the judges, effective use of special restraints, and proper prisoner supervision."

"It sounded like a thunderstorm, like a stampede."

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Full story: Md. CO killer attempts courthouse escape

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