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$80 million in drugs seized in Calif. home

An official with the California Department of Justice believes the home is connected to a drug cartel

By PoliceOne Staff

GILROY, Calif. — After a year-long investigation, deputies in Gilroy, Calif. swarmed a house and found nearly 500 pounds of drugs worth $80 million. They say it’s the biggest drug operation they’ve ever seen.

Scattered across the kitchen, living room, bedrooms and garage, they found hundreds of pounds of meth and 20 kilos of cocaine. Investigators wore gas masks and hazmat suits to stay safe from the chemicals as they investigated the home.

“They were taking powder methamphetamine and using solvent to convert them into a smoking form which is known as ice," Special Agent Cooke told the Central Coast News.

A year ago, an undercover agent made a low-level street buy that eventually led three police departments and the Department of Justice to the home.

Hector Salazar Borrayo, Fabian Figuero Ayala and Felimpe Naraja Mora were arrested. All three are from Mexico, which leads authorities to believe the drugs are connected to a smuggling cartel.

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