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Officer claims he ordered 1,000steroid pills from Romaniato make himself sterileand not to sell: attorney[Redwood City, CA]


Robert Cissna, 35, has been on administrative leave since being charged with importing anabolic steroids from Romania with the intent to sell them.

The case originated when U.S. Customs Service Special Agents in New York seized two packages from Romania that had been addressed to a post office that Cissna rented, according to the San Mateo Times.

Cissna's attorney, Mike Rains, said that the officer was not planning to sell the 1,000 tablets and instead wanted to use them to make himself sterile as a form of birth control, the newspaper reported.

Steroids are not as bad as methamphetamine, Rains reportedly told the newspaper.

"If these drugs weren't illegal, we wouldn't be here," Deputy District Attorney Lisa Maguire was quoted as responding.

A preliminary hearing has been scheduled for Jan. 29.

Superior Court Judge Quentin Kopp, who waived the $25,000 bail, set Jan. 29th for a preliminary hearing.

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