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P1 First Person: On legalizing marijuana

By Lt. Diane Goldstein (ret.)
Redondo Beach (Calif.) Police Department

As a retired 21-plus-year veteran of law enforcement, I felt given the one-sided responses to this issue [Editor’s Note: in the comments area beneath this article] that other voices that support an appropriate regulatory model of marijuana legalization be heard. Your recent poll on marijuana is interesting but clearly reflects the typical law enforcement attitude in discussing alternatives to the war on drugs. You make assumptions that law enforcement officers that would agree with a proper regulatory model are “high.” So even with the limited 89 respondents at the time that I clicked you see that 35 percent say yes, with 11 percent saying possibly. My guess is if we actually had a rational discussion based on presenting alternative models, let’s say similar to the regulation of alcohol, that the 11 percent number would increase substantially

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