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Drugs, weapons in car of Ind. man who ambushed officer

By PoliceOne Staff

LAWRENCE, Ind. — The car belonging to the suspect who ambushed Fortville (Ind.) K-9 Officer Matt Fox on Friday night contained a variety of weapons and a pound of marijuana packaged to be sold, according to local authorities,

After the ambush attack in which James Lockhart struck Officer Fox in the head and the wrist with gunfire from a .45-caliber semi-automatic handgun, Officer Fox was able to radio for help. The suspect was later shot and killed by responding officers.

Officers found six guns, ammunition, four machetes, as well as another large knife in Lockhart's car, The Indy Channel reported. The firearms found reportedly were an AR-15, a shotgun, an SKS rifle, a semi-automatic .44 Magnum, and a .22 pistol.

Dash-cam video of the ambush assault on Officer Fox shows Lockhart getting out of his car, pointing his weapon at the officer, and then moving out of view. Shots are fired and the suspect can again be seen in the video, at this time getting back into his car and fleeing the scene. 

According to police, Lockhart was “previously arrested in 2004 on suspicion of battery, resisting law enforcement and possession of marijuana,” The Indy Channel reported

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