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Seattle marijuana do’s and don’t’s list an internet hit

Police put together an FAQ in preparation for the legalization in December

The Independent

A mirthful online guide to marijuana use, put together by police in Seattle, has become an internet hit as the authorities in Washington state gear up for the changes brought about by Initiative 502 – the election-day ballot measure that legalized the drug.

The "Marijwhatnow?" post on the Seattle Police Department's Blotter blog attempts to explain the do's and don'ts under the new measure, which comes into force on 6 December. Employing language that would no doubt be appreciated by a potentially stupefied audience, it has generated nearly 30,000 Facebook "likes", with questions such as: "Will police officers be able to smoke marijuana?" Answer: "As of right now, no. This is still a very complicated."

Among the factors complicating the matter for officials in Washington and Colorado, which approved a similar measure, is that their new state laws are in conflict with federal legislation, which continues to outlaw marijuana. The blog makes it clear that, in Seattle at least, officers will follow state law, which will allow adults over 21 to possess up to one ounce of marijuana (or, as the blog clarifies, "16 ounces of solid-marijuana-infused product, like cookies") for personal use.

Full Story: 'My marijuana was seized. Can I have it back?': Seattle police issue online guide as legalisation looms

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