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Video: Frustrated protestor begs police to punish pot smokers

Multiple officers refused to stop the celebrators because they had a permit from the park

By PoliceOne staff

PHILADELPHIA — A man confronted police near Independence Hall on Saturday over why they weren’t taking action against the many people smoking pot in the park.

Michael Marcavage of the group ‘Repent America’ approached a ranger with his camera phone in hand and said, “They’re smoking marijuana over here.” 

“Right,” the officer replied.

When Marcavage, sounding shocked, asked why they let them do that, in a park where children were nearby, the officer told him they had a permit with the park, and therefore it was allowed.

Unsatisfied, Marcavage demanded to speak with a supervisor, who later arrived and told the man the same thing.

“We’re not letting them. It’s an officer safety issue. They do have a permit… I’ll just leave it at that,” said the supervising officer.

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