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Outsmarting creative drug runners

Every smart officer knows that drug runners can be extremely clever and creative. Some of their hiding schemes can be pretty elaborate, involving complex wiring systems that may require a series of things to be done to complete circuits and open hidden compartments where the goods are secreted. It’s important to stay up on those and to share information when you find a new hiding place and concealment process. [For a few, read "Six vehicle concealment alerts shared by P-1 members"]

But in addition to remembering to keep an eye out for indicators that may reveal an elaborate concealment system in a vehicle – things like heavily scratched screws in a location where screws aren’t normally removed, abnormal welding trails in the bed of a pick-up truck or a car trunk, odd and unaccounted for wiring inside a vehicle, etc. – you should also remember that drug runners can be masters of hiding behind the obvious. This bust is a perfect example.

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