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7 tips for truck interdiction

Semis can be a great mode of transport for drug runners. They can carry tremendous amounts of contraband and wise mules will understand that they can be a daunting challenge for officers who may not know specifically what to look for and where to look or who might look at a fully loaded trailer and consider it an impossible search target and move on. The “truck driver cover” can also be used by a theatric runner to stress a potentially suspicious officer into moving through a stop faster than he might by playing the “Come on, Officer. Please. Time is money for me and I’ve got kids to feed. Just write the ticket and let me get out of here.” routine.

To increase your adeptness at dealing with semis, consider interviewing a legit trucker and asking him what to look for. Have him go over trucking paperwork with you and explain what you should and shouldn’t be seeing. Have him tip you off to things on a truck that could be spotted as out of the ordinary and suspicious (like extra wiring, inconsistencies in the trailer interior/exterior sizes that could reveal a false floor, extra gas tanks, etc.) Also have him educate you on the trucker lifestyle and trucker jargon that any legit professional will understand, but fake truckers might not so you can ask key questions and look for hesitation or ignorance.

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