Kiridashi offers an intriguing knife option for law enforcement

Unique blade new design from Todd Begg

By Duane Wolfe

So what do you get when you cross a modern custom knife designer with a traditional Japanese bonsai pruning knife? Todd Begg's Kiridashi knife.

Begg has been a knife maker since 1998 and full-time knife maker for the last eight years. He attended machining school on the GI bill with the intent of becoming a knife maker. His custom made knives sell for thousands of dollars. His Kiridashi knife sells for $139. 

Begg has taken the age old Japanese utility knife, given it a face lift and modernized the design. The one piece solid construction of 440C stainless steel is thin and light, two critical needs of a law enforcement backup knife.

Begg's years of experience in the US Army as an NBC Recon team member gave him the knowledge of what makes a good knife and what doesn’t. Begg believes a good law enforcement knife, "should perform any number of tasks with little maintenance. The steel should hold an edge well. The knife should not draw undo attention and be easily accessible. A good back up knife should be ergonomic and non-slip."

At only two ounces it will remain undetected until needed on the Kydex sheath. Begg recommends carrying it as a neck knife for easy access. However, its small design allows it to be concealed easily where ever the user chooses. A Tek-Lok can be added so the blade can be carried on a belt or attached to tactical fear.

The chisel grind edge is razor sharp. Its one and three quarters blade is designed with one thing in mind, cutting. The Kiridashi's bead blasted handle is curved with a thumb notch that is textured for a secure grip. The design protects the user’s hands from slipping forward and eliminates the need for a bulky hand guard. You can purchase the knife through the Boker knife website at Begg&s2=0&s3=9999&p=&pp=0.

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