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Anyone, anytime, any place

By PoliceOne Staff

If you think that officers who understand and truly believe that virtually anyone can pose a threat to any officer at any time and in any place are simply being paranoid and ridiculously cautious, remember this incident. You’ve got an elderly grandmother. She’s bed bound. She’s hooked up to oxygen. She’s completely harmless, right? Not this time.

When you see stories like this involving individuals who the tactically ignorant and untrained would be tempted to immediately disregard as a total non-threat — individuals like the elderly, the young, the handicapped, the “never been a troublemaker” types, even fellow officers (don’t believe it? Read THIS), remember them for two reasons.

One: They’re reminders to you that you should never let your tactical guard down completely. Never.

Two: They can help explain why you take certain tactical safety precautions when dealing with any and every individual, regardless of the fact that the public, or even some fellow officers, might perceive their level of threat as being non-existent.

Smart officers know better.

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