LEO Near Miss: Suicidal man approaches officers with knife

Never let the fact that you are with other officers lull you into a false sense of security

Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) Near Miss is a voluntary, non-disciplinary officer safety initiative that allows law enforcement personnel to read about and anonymously share stories of close calls or “near misses,” which provide lessons learned that can protect fellow officers in similar situations.

Event summary

Four officers were standing outside of their patrol vehicles talking after clearing a traffic stop. A suicidal and possibly mentally ill individual approached them on foot and started whispering. One of the officers heard the man saying, “Kill me.” That officer also saw that the individual was holding something small in his hand.

The officer drew his pistol and ordered the suspect to show his hands. The suspect produced a 4-inch kitchen knife but quickly dropped it. Officers then handcuffed the individual.

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