Wash. police K-9 stabbed by suspect, recovering

K-9 Kato had surgery and was released from the vet after having been stabbed in the shoulder

By Steve Hunter
The Kent Reporter

KENT, Wash. — A man stabbed and injured a Kent Police dog during an assistance response to a Des Moines Police assault case.

A K-9 officer and his German shepherd partner Kato were requested to respond to Des Moines to assist in attempting to locate an assault suspect at about 6:41 p.m. Tuesday, according to a Kent Police media release. During the course of the tracking, Kato located the suspect. As Kato attempted to assist with taking the man into custody, he unexpectedly stabbed K-9 Kato in the shoulder with a pocket knife.

Officers were able to get the man in custody, and immediate attention was given to Kato. Kato was transported to a veterinary clinic where he underwent surgery before being released Wednesday.

"He is doing well," said Kent detective Melanie Frazier. "He got a lot of love from the vet staff overnight, and will get a bunch more."

Full Story: Man stabs Kent Police dog

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